Sowing and reaping

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

If you master the simple principle of sowing and reaping, you will be able to accomplish all your goals, including your most daring ones.

Whatever you plant into your mind you will eventually manifest into the real world.

You reap what you sow, more than you sow, and later than you sow.

You cannot sow tomatoes and expect to reap avocado.

So take care what are you focusing on. What you focus on is what you plant into your mind.

“What you think you become.” Buddha

Let’s imagine that:

Your mind is the garden.

Your thoughts are the seeds.

Your actions are the water.

Your feelings are the sun.

Your doubts and negative thoughts are the weeds.

If you plant any thought into your mind and, you water it, it gets enough light, you weed out the weeds and you just do it daily, that thought will eventually grow into a real thing.

Are you a good gardener?

If the answer is “not”, than you better become a good one.

You have a very important garden you must take care of.

What kind of seeds do you use?

Are you watering them?

Do they get enough sun light?

Are you weeding out ?

Do not get deceived because your present seed does not appear to be producing an immediate crop. Unlike the crops of the field, which get harvested in the same season every year, there is no regular schedule for the harvest of life. Some crops you reap quickly; others take long time until they get ripe and you can harvest them.   If you’ve been sowing but aren’t seeing the reaping, it’s not due season yet. Keep taking care of those seeds. Don’t give up, you will reap in due season. You cannot rush the process. The process helps you to develop the skills you need in order to manifest your goal.

The principle is simple, implementing it is kind of difficult.


First of all, you need to choose the right seeds. It can be a difficult task for many people because statistics say 90% of the world population have not specific, measurable goals.

Find your seeds (goals) and plat them into your garden (mind).

Second, give those seeds water. (Act on your goals.)

Do not over-water the seeds because they will die. Over-watering severely limits the supply of oxygen that roots depend on to function properly, meaning that plants do not get adequate oxygen to survive. (Do not act too much on your goal from the beginning because it can make you quit very quickly. Too much action can overwhelm you, you can get burned out and you will soon lose the energy and focus. Better take baby steps, but do it every single day.)

Third, give enough sun light to your seeds/plants. (Use your feelings. Pretend that you have already reached your goal and feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Easy to say hard to do? Give it 5 minutes a day, every single day, and you will be amazed by the results )

Forth and maybe the most difficult task, weed out. (Get rid of your doubts and negative thoughts. Get them out of your mind. Again, easy to say hard to do. The best way to get the negative thoughts out of your mind is to put there lots and lots of positive thoughts. Fill the gaps with positive thoughts and the negative thoughts will have not space to fit in.)

Cultivate into your mind the seeds of love, abundance, success, happiness, prosperity, health, or whatever you want to bring into your life, take good care of them and, when the season comes, enjoy the harvest time.

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